Welligence is everything you need in O&G data and analytics. Combined with things you never thought possible.

Unlike any other market intelligence firm.

Asset valuations, detailed overviews, interactive maps, and
analytics based on the highest quality data, delivered
in a way no other company can.

Minimize risk with the market’s most comprehensive and current data.

Data-driven decision making, accelerated by AI.

Currently focused on Latin America, Africa, and the US Gulf of Mexico, our subscription-based service is delivered by some of the most respected experts in the industry, keeping you ahead of the competition.

The Perfect Research Platform for

Energy Companies

Welligence delivers technical data and deep analysis for 1,000+ commercial upstream assets, while covering every exploration block in the region. Efficiently screen and identify opportunities, benchmark against your competitors’ portfolios, and mitigate risks to avoid overpaying for assets.

Financial Institutions

Stay ahead of the curve. Your competitors have already said goodbye to underwhelming, outdated research – are you ready to make the jump? Maintain your competitive edge with coverage of more assets, unique insights, advanced forecasts, and granular up-to-date data.

The Core

Welligence empowers better decisions.

Detailed Overviews
Analytics And Visualizations
Valuation Models
Monthly Updates

How Brazil is opening up Latin America’s biggest investment opportunities

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