It’s not just the deep, granular data.
It’s how we serve it up.

Built from the ground up to meet your needs, Welligence delivers unmatched and refreshingly transparent access to data. We drill deep to extract granular insights, combine artificial intelligence (AI) and powerful analytics, then package everything for user-friendly visualization. It’s a highly customized competitive edge you won’t find anywhere else.

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Detailed Asset Overviews

Explore nearly three thousand assets in detail to understand commerciality, development history and outlook, detailed production and reserve estimates, and much more to inform your acquisition or strategic positioning approach.

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Detailed Maps, Updated Monthly

See who’s doing what and where—with a complete overview of the current state of play. Our maps are updated monthly, giving you a comparison of fields and wells by production, GOR, drill days and other key metrics, ensuring that your strategies are informed by freshest available intelligence, with visual analytics revealing geospatial trends across a wide range of criteria.

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Competitive Screening and Benchmarking

Step back for an even wider perspective with our competitive screening and benchmarking capabilities. Understand client portfolios, cost requirement and strategies at either an asset or a company level, providing useful applications for mergers and acquisitions.

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Interactive Visualizations

Dynamically slice and dice that data any way you want with fully customizable field technical analyses and visualizations to enhance understanding of asset value. Ideal for calculating efficiencies and ROI, well EUR, IP criteria and PDP declines, information can be displayed in any format you want.

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Tupi Revenues Screenshot
Tupi Revenues Screenshot

Excel-Based Flexibility

Accurately determine asset value with easy-to-use and auditable Excel-based models. Unlike anything currently available in the market, Welligence allows you to combine this information with your own datasets, assumptions and sensitivities, giving you an advantage over your competitors.


AI-Driven Forecasts

Forecasting algorithms that update upon the release of any new data, analyzing production history and geological factors and combining it with state-of-the-art modified decline curves. More accurate forecasts flow through to analytics dashboards, mapping tools, GHG intelligence, and valuation models instantaneously, so you can leave the data analysis to us and focus on the decisions that really matter.


Data as a Service

Proprietary data you didn’t even know existed, supported by all major GIS formats, updated every month to keep you far ahead of the competition. Welligence provides unique, subscription-based data services, packaged and presented for easy use—raw downloads, cleansed or integrated seamlessly with your own information.

Leading energy companies and investment banks subscribe to the Welligence platform.

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