Recognize opportunity, and act
on it, sooner than everyone else.

Maximize opportunity with the market's most comprehensive and current data. Avoid overpaying for assets while quickly and accurately identifying opportunities that align with your strategies. It all comes down to making the best decisions fast. Welligence facilitates.


Benchmark your
portfolio vs. competitors

Welligence gives you the power to benchmark your customizable portfolio, filtering by company to map your competitors’ positions across a country. Measure against a range of criteria, including production, capex, cash flow, reserves, production and more.

GoM production heat map screenshot

Vividly visualize upstream data

Welligence’s powerful yet user-friendly mapping interface lets you plot a number of features at the well and field level to produce heat maps. To reveal more, simply click on fields, blocks, facilities, wells, pipelines and infrastructure.

Well type over time screenshot

View time-series trends in our Analytics dashboard

Visualize historical drilling data from nearly three thousand assets by variables such as well design, depth, forecasted production and more.

Well type over time screenshot
Tupi Revenues Screenshot

Access detailed and transparent asset valuations

Welligence takes the time-consuming labor out of complex calculations. Download off-the-shelf cash flow and asset data. You can also run custom sensitivities in our Excel models using asset-specific fiscal terms.

Welligence offers unrivaled data, analysis and support

Think of us as an extension of your team, providing the world’s best platform
combined with the industries best minds, applying unrivaled machine learning and analytics to data you
didn’t even know existed. The net result? It gives you the edge it takes to win.

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A direct line to the sector’s most experienced team on standby to support your every move
Unparalleled mix of proprietary and curated public data sources
Transparent valuation of every commercial asset
In-depth analytics and mapping interfaces update monthly
One-stop comprehensive coverage – no need for multiple products and platforms

Leading energy companies and investment banks subscribe to the Welligence platform.

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