Partner with Welligence to pitch.
And win.

Welligence gives you a constant pipeline of opportunity for pitching and winning deals. You’ll know who’s buying and who’s selling. Better yet, you have the advantage of the very latest, in-depth intelligence and responsive support, ensuring that you make the best decisions. While your competitors are two steps behind, you’ll be far ahead of the curve. That’s a good place to live.

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Gather intel ahead of the pitch

While most data firms engage in superficial research, Welligence is actively plugged in to what’s happening—from both business and political perspectives—reinforcing our big data approach with on-the-ground research. We look closely at the regions’ players to factor in corporate strategy. Connect with our analysts for confidential discussions on assets, emissions, companies and countries in deep detail.

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Understand clients’ and prospects’ portfolios

Far too frequently, we hear from financial institutions that our competitors drop the ball when it comes to providing crucial asset intelligence. At Welligence, our differentiator and prime directive is to provide you with those make-or-break details, meaningful numbers and accurate forecasts.

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Avoid underwhelming pitches

Bullet proof your pitches with complete coverage and up-to-date data. Detailed cash flows and Excel models with asset-specific fiscal terms allow you to quickly run custom sensitivities. Build portfolios on assets or companies. Download and share cleansed data with your upstream A&D technical team. Generate easy-to-digest visualizations on technical information for pitches and analyses.

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Welligence offers unrivaled data, analysis and support

Think of us as an extension of your team, providing the world’s best platform
combined with the industries best minds, applying unrivaled machine learning and analytics to data you
didn’t even know existed. The net result? It gives you the edge it takes to win.

Other Research
A direct line to the sector's most experienced team on standby to support your every move
Unparalleled mix of proprietary and curated public data sources
Transparent valuation of every commercial asset
In-depth analytics and mapping interfaces update monthly
One-stop comprehensive coverage — no need for multiple products and platforms

Leading energy companies and investment banks subscribe to the Welligence platform.

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