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Sr. Latin America Upstream Research Analyst - (Houston, TX)

Follow, study and analyze Upstream (exploration and production of oil, gas and condensates) energy markets and macroeconomic trends (currency exchange rates, global/regional supply and demand of oil and gas, political and environmental regulation, etc) in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru to prepare insightful research explaining potential impact on oil and gas companies’ investments, strategies and future market orientation. Create econometric models to calculate different oil and gas price scenarios, oil and gas production forecasts and capex/opex investment levels for Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru. Create and update discounted cash-flow models for oil and gas fields throughout Latin America, including comprehensive understanding of the impact of regulation and fiscal regimes.
Prepare and deliver presentations in English, Spanish or Portuguese to communicate the above analysis, and present views on strategic and economics topics. Develop relationships with government officials, oil and gas companies and financial institutions to improve the quality of research. Perform in depth study on companies’ strategies and development plans through analysis of investment presentation, 10K, 20F, annual reports and other investment material. Perform media interviews (written, TV, radio) to share insights about the latest developments in the region’s oil and gas space. Focus on new product development; idea generation, execution and guidance of the development team. A Master’s degree in Energy Economics and excellent written and spoken English, Spanish and/or Portuguese is required.

Send resumes to HR Manager, Welligence Inc., 2700 Post Oak Blvd., 21st Floor, Houston, TX 77056.

Research Specialist - (Houston, TX)

Perform economic analysis of Latin American oil & gas assets forecasting future production levels, investment, and cash flow via financial modeling; Appear on TV, newspapers, and magazines giving commentary on the future of oil & gas industry in Latin America, including regulatory, political, environmental, and related issues; Present at industry forums to speak about trends in oil & gas industry in U.S. and Latin America; Provide strategic guidance on future of company’s research offering; Create and execute consulting projects with clients looking for economic scenario planning and corporate strategy. Requires Bachelor’s degree in International Relations & Global Studies and 3 years’ experience. Good knowledge of written and spoken Spanish required.

Send resumes to HR Manager, Welligence Inc., 2700 Post Oak Blvd., 21st Floor, Houston, TX 77056.