We knew there should be a better way.

So we built one.

With decades of collective experience in O&G data, we knew there was a lot to be desired. Happy with the status quo, the big companies were prone to inertia, maintaining a top-down business model with little interest in innovation. We knew there was better data to be found, better research to be made, better analysis to be applied and better service to be delivered. So we built a solution from the ground up, specifically and uniquely dedicated to meeting the needs that others ignore at your expense.

Welligence offers a more powerful flow of data—deep, granular data, continually updated and combined with unparalleled analytics and quality research, served up by the smartest and most responsive analysts in the industry.

Management Team

Deep expertise and serious intellectual firepower.

When it comes to data science, we have an industry-leading interdisciplinary team of Harvard professors, petroleum engineers, and computer scientists who have published more than a dozen papers on AI.

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Leading energy companies and investment banks subscribe to the Welligence platform.

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